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Arizona's Original Professional-Level Yoga Nidra Certification Course
Coming Summer 2022!
* in-person attendance extremely limited

According to neuroscience, only 5% of your brain's activity happens at the level of conscious activity—and yet, that's where most coaches spend their time

Coaches, Counselors, & Healing Professionals

Get results fast even when working with long-held, deeply engrained patterns and limiting beliefs

Differentiate yourself as a coach who facilitates profound and lasting shifts for your clients and watch the referrals roll in.

Position your services at the top of the market and attract higher fees

Impact the world a

Unlike holotropic breathwork, which is not safe for a wide range of people from pregnant

Personal transformation

Deeper Transformation, Faster Results
Stand out from the crowd, demand higher fees!
You're an amazing coach with incredible skill, and even so, some of your clients are not seeing the results they want—and deserve. Some are even staying stuck for years.

This is the reality for so many coaches, and most try to help by getting better at coaching, but here's what you need to know...

It doens't matter how good you are as a coach, if you're not addressing the root problem that is driving your client's problem, nothing is going to change.

And that root problem, more often than not, lives buried in the subconcious of your clients brain.

Here's what we need to remember: Anxiety and depression and self-doubt and procrastination are not problems they are symptoms of a deeper problem.

And fixing symptoms isn't going to set your client free anymore than Tylenol is going to cure a brain tumor.

But what if there was a way, in just a few sessions

You know, what holds people back has less to do with their circumstances than i has to do with their mind's story about their circumstances. It's why they need coaching in the first place.

Unfortuantely too many spend all their time wrestling with the conscious mind never addressing the underlying subconscious patterns that actually drive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

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Take action
Not encumbered

Stress. Overwhelm. Anxiety. And more grief than we've seen in our lifetimes.
This is the reality facing tens of millions of people all around the world thanks to the harrowing world events of the past two years

We are living on a planet in deep need of healing and rejuvenation. And you can help—with Yoga Nidra.

Best known as a type of meditation, Yoga Nidra might better be thought of as a modular healing modality; one that is scientifically-proven to bring powerful benefits to a wide range mental, emotional, and physical conditions.

This ancient practice derives its power from the wide array of somatic and cognitive techniques it employs in combinations that can be tailored to the unique needs of the individual. Best of all, it can be used effectively with people from all walks of life regardless of physical ability or religious or cultural background.

Yoga Pura's Yoga Nidra Instructor Certification is a professional-level program that will help you to put this powerful practice to work in your own life while making you a master teacher empowered to heal the world.

Our comprehensive curriculum will equip you to:
Master the application of the ancient science of Yoga Nidra customized for a wide variety of needs and conditions.
Optimize your own personal health and happiness using tailored Yoga Nidra practices to fit your unique life circumstances.
Employ neuroscientific techniques to help heal common ailments, nervous system imbalances, and negative thought and habit patterns.

Provide personalized Yoga Nidra sessions quickly and easily using Yoga Pura's modularized Yoga Nidra system.

Be the agent of healing and wholeness
that the world so desperately needs you to be.

One word: Wow! Yoga Pura's Yoga Nidra certification was a life-transforming experience TRULY beyond what I thought possible...and loads of fun too!

- Bill D.
Image by Vince Fleming

Yoga Pura's Yoga Nidra training exceeded my expectations by far. It's helped me to grow both personally and professionally as a therapist.

- Pat H.
Clinical Psychologist
Pat Huish.png

I've struggled for years with a past that's haunted me. This course has helped me finally feel like I'm healing. I can't wait to help others do the same!

- Joy B.
Real Estate Agent.

Image by Jonathan Borba
How Yoga Nidra Works...

Yoga Nidra is a multifaceted healing modality that can be tailored to serve one's personal development, spiritual evolution, or to supplement treatment regimens of a wide variety of conditions from chronic anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and more.

Central to the Yoga Nidra process is the creation of progressively slower brain-wave states, a process called Transient Hypofrontaility, that allows the nervous system to return to its natural, relaxed balance.

Once the client is brought to this state, disentangled from the habituated thoughts, beliefs, and tensions of waking consciousness, the Yoga Nidra instructor is able to dispense specific techniques to help neutralize the underlying causes and conditions of dis-ease.

Whether the ultimate goal is spiritual realization or health and wellness, Yoga Nidra's intentional process of healing has made it effective in addressing a wide range of challenges.


Yoga Nidra has been proven effective in assisting with healing from...


Somatic relaxation
Conscious breathwork
Cognitive reframing

Strategic Intention

Mindful meditation
Reflective receptivity

Intentional communion

Curative mantra

Directed attention
Positive affirmation

Custom visualization

Yoga nidra derives much of its power from the wide range of healing techniques it employs in various combinations including...

  • Chronic stress and anxiety

  • Sabotaging habits

  • Limiting beliefs and perspectives

  • Emotional eating

  • Cravings and addiction

  • Trauma and post-traumatic stress

Click here for more on using Yoga Nidra in clinical settings


After years of doctors and therapists, I was convinced that nothing could help my chronic pain. Eric's Yoga Nidra set me free!

Portrait of Senior Woman
- Joyce P.

When I got back from Iraq, I could barely leave my house. Eric and his Yoga Nidra training have given me my life back!

Image by Irene Strong
- Jesse A.
Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army
Why Yoga Pura?
Yoga Nidra's effectiveness derives not so much from the technique, as it does the instructor's understanding of how to use the technique to interrupt the underlying imbalance or process of dis-ease.

This is why Yoga Pura's Certification Program has been engineered to move beyond the mere teaching of Yoga Nidra to include an in-depth study of human neurology, yogic psychology, the mechanics of dis-ease, together with the first-hand experience of personal transformation made possible with this ancient practice.

Developed and led by renowned yoga educator, Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein, the program has been created as a result of working with thousands of students over more than three decades.
Just some of what makes our course unique...
Employs a rigorously scientific approach combining both Eastern and Western views of human neurobiology and consciousness.
Melds Yoga Nidra's roots as a spiritual practice with powerful applications in alternative health, medical, and therapeutic fields.
Provides personal, first-hand experience of the impact of Yoga Nidra as a transformational agent.
Delivers both pre-designed Yoga Nidra sessions together with a modularized system you can employ to easily formulate your own customized Yoga Nidra sessions for any audience.
Draws on cutting-edge therapeutic developments and includes the latest corroborative research-based data that scientifically validates the efficiency of Yoga Nidra for a multitude of conditions.
Equips you to deliver potent, healing experiences to ANYONE in your life regardless of age, belief system, or physical capacity.

Because of the comprehensive nature of this course, no previous experience is required.
Who Yoga Nidra Training is for...
Yoga & Meditation
Bring deeper levels of healing and greater spiritual transformation into your students lives with yoga's most sacred wisdom.
Yoga & Meditation
Awaken to the spiritual dimension of yoga and invite more peace and wholeness into your body, mind, and soul.
Mental Health
Counselors, therapists, and psychologists: use Yoga Nidra to powerfully enhance your existing treatment protocols.
Wellness & Performance Coaches
Deliver powerful insights into your clients' challenges using the perspectives and practices handed down by the ancient masters.

Eric's Yoga Nidra certification has completely transformed my work with veterans at the VA. It's simply amazing.

Man with Beard
- Frank G.
VA Peer Counselor


With the tools Yoga Nidra training has given me, everything changed! I used to teach yoga, but now I feel like I'm truly changing lives.

Woman in a Yoga Pose
- Claire B.
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Who for
Intensive #1
Friday - Sunday, July 15-17

Hours: Fridays: 6:00pm-9:00pm;

Saturdays & Sundays: 9:00am-4:00pm

Intensive #2
Friday - Sunday, August 12 -14

Hours: Fridays: 6:00pm-9:00pm;

Saturdays & Sundays: 9:00am-4:00pm

savasana faded.jpg
Your course includes:

Five days of instruction and practice

Comprehensive Yoga Nidra Instructor Manual

Eight done-for-you Yoga Nidra scripts

Revolutionary Modular Yoga Nidra card deck

Certification as a Yoga Nidra Instructor*

30 Yoga Alliance CEUs


Four weeks of individualized coaching & assistance with your very own Yoga Nidra instructor

Instructor Certification

Tuition includes all instruction, materials, and fees.

Enrollment Closed
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when enrollment opens again
Certification Process

Yoga Pura's Yoga Nidra Instructor Certification will provide you with everything you need to successfully lead customized Yoga Nidra sessions in group and individual settings.

Certification will be provided to those who complete all certification requirements.


- Attendance of all instructional sessions

- Completion of all home-based practice assignments

- Submission of three recorded live Yoga Nidra sessions

- Satisfactory completion of written exam

Your Teacher
IMG_8300_Live Happy cutout.png
Eric Walrabenstein is an ordained Yogacharya, best-selling author, and one of the most sought-after authorities on the application of yogic technology for self-healing and empowerment in the nation.

As a master educator in the fields of yoga and mind/body health, Eric's work focuses on making the ancient power of yoga practical for use in solving some of the most urgent personal, spiritual, and mental health challenges of our age.
In addition to his work training Yoga Nidra teachers, Eric is the founder of Yoga Pura, one of Arizona's premiere yoga training centers, the creator of the BOOTSTRAP Stress-management System for the U.S. Military, and is the Founding Director of the online BrightLife Yoga Collective.

Click here to sample Eric's teachings
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