Our Teachers

Our teachers are some of the best trained in the nation. All possess nationally-recognized certifications and have been studying the rich tapestry of yogic wisdom and practice for years.


Each teacher brings their own unique style to the classroom based upon training, special talents, and personal perspectives. Having been inspired and transformed by yoga themselves, they are all eager to help you experience the profound and life-changing benefits of this ancient practice.


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Our founder is Eric Walrabenstein, a best-selling author, ordained Yogacharya, and one of the most sought-after authorities on the application of yogic technology for self-healing and empowerment in the nation. For 30 years, Eric has been dedicated to making the ancient power of yoga practical for use in our everyday lives.

In addition to his work here at Yoga Pura, Eric is also the creator of the BOOTSTRAP Yoga System for troops and veterans and the BrightLife Yoga Collective. When not teaching at Yoga Pura, Eric regularly travels the nation speaking about wellness and self-empowerment.


When Laura Goethe took her first yoga class at Yoga Pura in 2006, she knew there was no looking back. Her passion ignited, she then turned to Yoga Pura‛s Advanced Studies and Teacher Training program as a way to deepen her own practice and share the gifts of yoga with others. Recognizing the power that yoga has had with her own daughter, Laura has become a tireless advocate for yoga for children.


When not practicing at Yoga Pura (her second home), Laura dedicates her time to her daughter Alexis and her two dogs, Kona & Baxter.


Nyla Moore is devoted to the continuous experience of her own diving nature as well as the divinity within those around her. She also has the innate ability to connect each student to their own inner divinity. With a background in personal training, Nyla has a deep understanding of the body and shares her knowledge freely with her students.


She’s a certified teacher who has studied primarily with Kat Puralewski Myers and Jordan & Martin Kirk.


Michelle Phillips considers herself “born and raised” at Yoga Pura. Drawn to the practice over a decade ago, Michelle began with the studio’s Intro Series and later completed the 500hr Advanced Studies and Teacher Training Program.


Michelle communicates the authenticity and transformative power of yoga in a way that allows her students to take yoga’s most important teachings off the mat and into their lives.


Caroline Cucchiara's teaching focuses on awakening the true Self through awareness, truthfulness, and movement of Divine energy. Her classes embrace a wide range of hatha yoga traditions, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Viniyoga, and Kundalini.


Caroline has completed the Yoga Pura Advanced Studies and Teacher Training Program and Level I-II teacher training with Tias Little.


Suzanne Zupancic embarked on her journey to yoga in 2008 in search of her "off switch." Yoga had a profound effect on her life both physically and emotionally. She felt compelled to harness this new vitality, this sense of wellness, and share the power with others.  


She trained with Yogacharya Eric Walrabenstein at Yoga Pura and is currently an E-RYT500 with Yoga Alliance, a Certified Yin Yoga Teacher, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, and Reiki Master. Her classes focus on alignment with a profound (or not so profound) intention, a little humor, and a lot of realism.

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Sue Scales has been practicing yoga since 2011. She knew she wanted to share yoga and its power of life transformation with others and found her way to Yoga Pura’s Teacher Training and Life Mastery Program in 2018.


Sue aims for the perfect blend of challenge and encouragement in her classes, so every student can feel safe to explore outside their comfort zone. She brings her knowledge of massage therapy and Reiki to yoga practice, and she loves answering questions. When Sue is not in the yoga studio, you’re likely to find her writing, hiking, or going for a run.


Hayley Kaminsky completed her yoga teacher training at Yoga Pura in the fall of 2018. Since then, she’s been teaching in California and now at her Phoenix yoga home. Her favorite thing about yoga is the connection between movement and breath that naturally comes with the practice and quiets the busy mind.


When she’s not creating fun yoga flows for her students, she’s creating beautiful artwork or hanging out with her daughter, Sunny.


Kelsey Jung started practicing yoga in 2014 and fell in love with the practice pretty much instantly. Just four years later, she graduated from Yoga Pura’s 200hr Life Mastery and Teacher Training program. She’s been teaching corporate and studio classes ever since!


Kelsey aims to help her students fully enjoy the gift of mindfulness that comes from regularly stepping on their yoga mat.