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Our Classes

With a wide assortment of available styles, our classes range from gentle to strenuous, and from mindful to intense, each one is designed to stretch your body as well as your mind.

Start with a class that fits your abilities, but then feel free to experiment with different styles. Each has something unique and special to offer.


Essential Basics – A beginning class suitable for new students, or students wanting a simpler class. Classes focus on the fundamentals, including posture, alignment, breath, and foundational yogic concepts. Perfect for first-time or continuing students.

Intro to Yoga – A detailed introduction to the poses and teachings of yoga with specific wellness-enhancing techniques offered for use on and off the mat.

Click here for the full class schedule.


Level 1-2 – For beginners and newer students. Classes continue working with postures, physical alignment, breath, and continuing yogic theory. A great follow-up to Essential Basics!

All Levels – This mixed-level class is composed of challenging but accessible postures, all of which include modifications and variations to suit every level of practitioner. An invigorating class for all.


Vinyasa – This challenging practice combines the movement of body and breath to build heat, develop strength, flexibility, and stamina. This form of yoga is a perfect choice for those seeking a moderately vigorous to vigorous practice. In this class, the studio is heated to 85 degrees.

Click here for the full class schedule.


Yoga Nidra - Literally translated as "yogic sleep," this guided
meditation is performed while reclined and with eyes closed.
A deeply restorative practice, yoga nidra releases stored tensions,
renews vital energy, and increases well-being in both body and

Restorative - A slower-paced, gentle class. For students with
reduced mobility, recovering from injury, or simply wanting a
more gentle practice. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Yin Yoga - An intense and profoundly rejuvenating practice working to safely stretch deeper muscles and connective tissues using slow, deep stretches. Focusing largely on the hips, pelvis and lower spine, postures are held anywhere from 3-12 minutes & make an excellent complement to other yoga forms. 


Sound Healing - Relax deeply and stimulate your body's natural healing energies while you bathe in the vibrations of melodic crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments.

Click here for the full class schedule.


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