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for Yoga & Meditation Practitioners

When you join us, you’ll be doing much more than just learning about Yoga Nidra.


You’ll be diving into the deepest and most sacred experience of your own being and awakening a lived experience of the Divine in your life!

This professional-level course will lead you in your own personal exploration of some of yoga’s most sacred teachings including the workings of karma, yoga psychology, the science of brain change, the mechanics of spiritual awakening and so much more.

Older woman in lotus pose by the sea
I struggled with meditation for years. Yoga Nidra with Eric opened my eyes and my heart to meditation—and a whole new way of being!
 - Janice T.

It’s a powerful complement to a regular yoga or meditation practice owing to Yoga Nidra’s ability to be tailored for your own unique personal and spiritual needs.

So, whether you’re seeking to…

✨ Heal the wounds from a traumatic past

Deepen your connection with Source or Spirit or God

✨ Uncover your divinely-inspired life purpose


Or just wanting to live a happier and more joyous life

Yoga Nidra Instructor Certification just might be what your heart has been waiting for. Join us!

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