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Yoga Nidra Instructor Certification is ideal for mental health professionals interested in weaving the proven practices from yoga and the Eastern meditative traditions into their suite of treatment modalities.


Because Yoga Nidra is modular, this ancient practice can be dispensed using differing combinations of techniques, it's a customizable modality that makes it a potent supplemental healing protocol for a wide variety of clients, conditions, and circumstances.

As a practicing therapist of 27 years, I can honestly say there is nothing that I do now with my clients that is not in some way influenced by what I learned in this training. Simply brilliant.
 - Matthew G.
  Marriage & Family Therapist
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for Mental Health Professionals

Clinical practitioners have had great success employing the practice as a general wellness tool, an ancillary healing modality, or a home-based self-care system for clients.

Yoga Nidra has been successfully integrated into treatment protocols for a wide range of conditions including...

Anxiety Disorder
Post-traumatic stress

Eating Disorders

Panic Attacks


Body Dysmorphia

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Nervous System Dysregulation


Chronic Pain

Phobic Disorder

Attention Deficit


And more...

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