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Yoga Nidra Instructor Certification
for Wellness & Performance Coaches

Get ready to take your clients to a whole new level. Because that’s what Yoga Nidra Instructor Training is all about.


When you join us, you’ll be doing much more than simply learning how to lead Yoga Nidra sessions. Though, of course, that’s part of it.

But your real transformation as a coach will come from you diving deep into some of yoga’s most sacred teachings including the workings of karma, yoga psychology, the science of brain change, the mechanics of spiritual awakening, and so much more.

It’s a comprehensive curriculum that will equip you to deliver penetrating insights to you clients and help them to chart their course forward.


So, if you're ready...

To empower your clients to tap the transformational power of ancient wisdom.

To intuitively see beneath superficial appearances to understand the source of your client's challenges...

To be someone who your clients can't stop talking about...

Then, you just might have arrived. Join us.


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I feel like I've been given x-ray vision when it comes to understanding where my clients are blocked. I can't recommend Eric's Yoga Nidra course enough!
 - Sabrina R.
  Executive Coach
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