We human beings are creatures of habits. Literally. And frankly, this is more than a quaint aphorism, it’s a statement of neurobiological fact.


The more often you repeat a thought or behavior, the more likely it is to be repeated. Neurobiologists refer to this process as sy...

Dear Yogi E,


I hear yoga teachers saying that yoga is not about perfecting the pose, but in the very next breath they correct my alignment in the posture. Which is it: perfecting the posture or not?


Confused in Trikonasana




Dear Confused,


As you’re beginning to notice, yoga...


Dear Yogi E,


I recently read an article that defined yoga as “the stilling of the fluctuations of mind.” But in all the popular magazines and videos, yoga is defined as “the union of body, mind, and spirit.” Which is it, am I trying to shut myself up or put myself back toge...

Dear Yogi E,


Sometimes I want to move on to more advanced variations of the poses in class, but my yoga teacher won’t let me. I’ve been practicing for years, so I’m not going to hurt myself, but my teacher’s neurotic fear for my safety is putting the kibosh on my self expres...

Svadhyaya they call it in Sanskrit; in English we might call it self study. But no matter what term you use, in the context of our spiritual unfoldment, the importance of a dedicated and continual examination of the nature of this thing that we call “me” cannot be over empha...

What do drinking beer, playing golf, and yoga have in common? They are all activities that we engage in in order to cope with our lives. When we are feeling tired or stressed, we turn to ways to regain our composure, to let off some steam. And while each of the above can hel...

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You see, not many people realize it, but the power of the yoga posture lies not in what you can do—but in what you can’t.


We have to remember first that yoga is about developing our ability to cultivate a sense of calm and joy in our lives....

Everybody wants it, people spend their whole lives chasing it, and yet almost nobody has it. What is it? Contentment—or as we say in the yoga biz, santosha. And lately it’s been on the lips of many of my students.


For the past few months, we’ve been discussing the eight limb...

All yoga techniques, from postures to meditation, breath work to chanting, are nothing more than tools.

Though admittedly they are powerful tools proven effective in creating monumental shifts in people's lives, they are simply tools nonetheless. 

Funny thing about tools tho...

So many yoga practitioners are focused on gaining the flexibility and strength and coordination to be  able to master the postures
of yoga. And while this might be a rewarding endeavor for the ego, it misses the point regarding some of the most important aspects
of your yoga...

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