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Energy is everywhere.

In fact, our whole world is made up of the stuff. Taking a dazzlingly wide variety of expressions—from the most energetic, like that pink bunny hawking his batteries on TV, to the least energetic, like say, the Rock of Gibraltar—each form has its own unique qualities that derive from its own distinctive vibration.

Yes, vibration is at the heart of everything in our world.

It’s for this reason that this concept is so important from the yogic perspective—and why it’s our theme this month at Yoga Pura.

According to yoga, vibration lies at the root of our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical structure itself. Simply put, different vibratory frequencies yield different experiences.

We only have to look to our own lives to see. The felt sense of the vivid vibration of happiness (as distinct from the darkness of sadness); the light vibration of health (as contrasted to the heaviness of sickness); the electric quality of ecstasy (as compared to the density of depression); and on and on it goes.

This all points to why understanding and managing the vibrations we subject ourselves to—and which we ourselves emanate—is central in our efforts to forge the happy, healthy lives we deserve.

Join us this month at Yoga Pura to experiment with vibration in your own life. With specially selected workshops, activities, and classes throughout the month, our goal is to help you tune yourself, and your life to its highest potential.

We hope to see you soon!

About the Author

Eric Walrabenstein is a nationally-recognized speaker, teacher, and author and is one of the most sought-after authorities on the application of yogic technology for self healing and empowerment in the nation. As the founder of one of Arizona’s largest yoga centers, and Arizona's first 500-hour Master-Level Yoga Teacher Training Program, Eric has long been dedicated to making ancient wisdom and techniques practical and relevant for people from all walks of life. In addition to his work in his wellness center in Phoenix, Arizona, he is the creator of BOOTSTRAP, a yoga-based program to help troops and veterans heal from post traumatic stress as well as BetterBox, a subscription box revolutionizing the self-improvement industry. An ordained Yogacharya (preceptor of yoga), Eric is currently finishing a book on the Science of Happiness.

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