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Yoga can help us live happier in many ways--beyond the bending and breathing that goes on in the typical yoga class. The truth is that yoga's tradition of mindfulness and meditation practices are proven to help lift our moods, increase our energy, and leave us with more clarity and optimism. The meditation below is to be performed while drinking tea (or the beverage of your choice), so grab a cup, a chair, and enjoy this relaxing and engaging ten-minute session.

About the Eric Walrabenstein

Eric Walrabenstein is a nationally-recognized speaker, teacher, and best-selling author of Waging Inner Peace. As one of the most sought-after authorities on the application of yogic technology for self healing and empowerment in the nation, Eric is the founder of one of Arizona’s largest yoga centers, and Arizona's first 500-hour Master-Level Yoga Teacher Training Program. At the core of all his work is the effort to make yoga's ancient wisdom and techniques practical and relevant for people from all walks of life. In addition to his work in his wellness center in Phoenix, Arizona, he is the creator of BOOTSTRAP, a yoga-based program to help troops and veterans heal from post traumatic stress, is an ordained Yogacharya (preceptor of yoga), and is currently finishing a book on the Science of Happiness.

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