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Yoga Nidra, the ancient science of healing and happiness, is gaining wild popularity--and not just among the yoga crowd. Therapists, counselors, coaches, school teachers, and even our military is taking interest in this powerful practice, using it to combat stress, improve focus and productivity, and of course, improve health and wellness. As popular as Yoga Nidra is becoming, there is much confusion about what it actually involves--and more importantly, what it takes to become skilled at the application of this amazing science. Here are the top three myths about mastering Yoga Nidra:

MYTH #1: It’s about Yoga Nidra

Here’s the thing: Yoga Nidra isn’t anything special. Like a hammer or a bottle opener or a lemon squeezer, Yoga Nidra is simply tool to accomplish a particular task.

The difference of course, lies in the problem that Yoga Nidra can help you solve. Rather than overcoming a simple mechanical challenge like pounding a nail or opening a soda, the tool of Yoga Nidra can help us make remarkable shifts in our happiness and well-being. From healing deep wounds and hidden imbalances, to neutralizing unconscious mental and emotional patterns that sap our energies, Yoga Nidra is a tool that can yield amazing results.

That’s why this certification program is about healing, and understanding what brings about happiness and joy from the inside, as much as it is Yoga Nidra.

MYTH #2: It’s about mastering Yoga Nidra techniques

Techniques are great. So learning how to coo relaxing affirmations while lulling a roomful of strangers into a sleepy, calm, and blissfully relaxed state is indeed a good thing.

But alone, it will only take you so far.

As mentioned before, Yoga Nidra certification is about creating profound healing and unbounded happiness—in ourselves and others. And this kind of transformation requires something much greater than a mere understanding of Yoga Nidra.

Look at it this way: to heal the body from a cancer the surgeon needs to know more than simply how to wield a scalpel and forceps. She needs sweeping and in-depth knowledge about an entire range of topics beyond mere technique; things like:

  • The workings of the underlying processes that are at the source of the dis-ease

  • The contributing factors that fuel and support the dis-ease processes

  • The method of engineering and implementing strategies that will interrupt the perpetuation of the dis-ease processes

Only then, does the surgeon’s ability to wield the tools and techniques of healing—like a scalpel and forceps—really begin to make a difference

If this weren’t the case, you could just as easily be healed by a butcher as by a surgeon. And save yourself a pretty penny in the process.

So it’s no surprise then, that to heal the body/mind from mental and emotional ‘cancers’, and to bring about the light, joyous, happiness we all deserve, you also need to know more than how to wield the techniques of yoga and Yoga Nidra.

That’s why helping you to understand the workings of the hidden mechanisms of dis-ease and imbalance is at the very heart of our certification program. This includes:

  • Principles of Yoga Psychology

  • Mechanics of spiritual awakening

  • Body/mind energetics

  • Anatomy of functioning of the nervous system

  • Process of dis-ease interdiction

  • Effective energetic transmission

And of course, this also includes how you can then employ Yoga Nidra to help heal an entire range of conditions.

MYTH #3: It’s only for yoga teachers

While it’s true that the lesser known aspects of yoga psychology and other principles of yoga are important for the evolution of the mature yoga teacher, the training itself has been specifically designed to be effective for anyone with a sincere interest healing themselves or others.

In fact, we’ve trained hundreds of non-yoga teachers in the ancient science of Yoga Nidra—from counselors to therapists, and school teachers to business professional—our graduates are employing this powerful science with students, clients, and loved ones all across the country.

To learn more about this ancient science of healing a happiness—and to find out how Yoga Nidra Certification could help you make 2017 your best year ever—click here.

About the Author

Eric Walrabenstein is a best-selling author and nationally-recognized speaker, teacher, and expert on the application of yogic technology for self healing and empowerment. As the founder of one of Arizona’s largest yoga centers, and Arizona's first 500-hour Master-Level Yoga Teacher Training Program, Eric has long been dedicated to making ancient wisdom and techniques practical and relevant for people from all walks of life. In addition to his work in his wellness center in Phoenix, Arizona, he is the creator of BOOTSTRAP, a yoga-based program to help troops and veterans heal from post traumatic stress, and is an ordained Yogacharya (preceptor of yoga) in the lineage of Sri Swami Kripalvananda. Eric is currently finishing a book on the Science of Happiness.

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