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New Year, Old truth

For most, the New Year is a time of reflection and new beginnings, but it’s also a time that reminds us that we are in charge of the creation of our lives. Or at least it should.

In my over twenty years of teaching, coaching, and counseling, I have been forever surprised by how many of us become routinely victimized by our lives: victims of our jobs, victims of our relationships, victims of our financial situations, our living arrangements, our body types, our health and on and on it goes.

Way too often, way too many of us allow the contents of our lives to drag us down into feelings of lack, worry, angst, disempowerment and worse. We slip into a sense of being persecuted by our circumstances, when truly, the only thing that is persecuting us is our own thinking.

I know, I too am one of the way too many.

So as we step through the threshold into the New Year, let’s all remind ourselves that we are the true masters of our lives, and use the gifts of our intention and energy to synthesize happiness, peace, and harmony.

Every day, think C.A.L.M.

C - connect to your inner source of peace, energy, and power.

A - affirm your commitment to nurture your highest intention for your life.

L - let go of thoughts, tendencies, and circumstances that are not serving your highest good.

M - materialize what you desire by investing the full force of your effort in each moment.

By consciously managing your internal life, your external world will take on the glow of the blessings and possibility that too often are missed and leave you empowered to share yourself fully and freely with all of those around you—as indeed you were born to do.

Be the light you are.

Wishing all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year

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