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Waging Inner Peace

All profits go to help our troops and veterans heal from stress using yoga.

Waging Inner Peace

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  • WAGING INNER PEACE chronicles how 5,000 hard-charging U.S. military veterans came to use yoga's ancient science of mind to heal from the stresses induced by the horrors of war. It then takes the reader through the very same one-of-a-kind process to create a happier life through mind-body mastery. 

    >>>Includes bonus material including two free downloadable audio recordings: yoga posture practice session and guided relaxation session.

    Written by former U.S. Army infantry officer turned yoga master, Eric Walrabenstein, Waging Inner Peace recounts the creation of the BOOTSTRAP yoga system, one of the world's most comprehensive mind-body solutions for calming and rebalancing the nervous system for happy and relaxed living.

    From exploring the often unexamined internal sources of stress and emotional disturbance to introducing ancient mind-body wellness techniques, Waging Inner Peace walks the reader step-by-step through a proven methodology to apply mind-body wisdom to solve one of today's most pressing wellness issues—stress.

    Including the complete seven-week BOOTSTRAP system together with downloadable yoga classes, guided meditations, and other resources, Waging Inner Peace is a must read for anyone wanting to understand how yoga's mind-body wisdom can be used to help us, as the author puts it, "master our humanness" and live happier, healthier lives.

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