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Forget the stretchy yoga pants.

Forget the designer yoga mat.

And forget the impossible task of getting that foot behind your head.

Because that's not the yoga we're talking about.

Here's the thing:

Touching your toes.

Standing on your head.

And getting your sweat on.


All great things.


But, if we're honest, they have very little to do with revolutionizing your life, living happier, or stepping into who you are meant to be.

And that’s why, when we say "yoga", we're not talking about what you'll find on YouTube, in your gym, or at the corner yoga studio. We’re talking about yoga’s full and authentic Science of Transformation that just isn't being taught today. We're talking...


Beyond postures.

Beyond breath exercises.

Even beyond meditation.

(although you'll be learning those too).


During your time with us, you'll be learning how to use the incredible secrets uncovered by the ancient masters to reclaim control of your body, mind, spirit—and your life. You’ll dive deeply into the little-known aspects of yoga’s spiritual science, including:

Yoga's Science of Mind which will help you do things like...
  • Calm the distracted mind, rein in negative thinking, and cool disturbing emotions.
  • Silence negative self talk, quiet troubling memories, and leave the past in the past.
  • Tap your inner power, clarity, and wisdom and move through life feeling positive, powerful, and confident.
Yoga's Science of Behavior Change which will help you...
  • Take back control from stubborn habits, temptations, and cravings.
  • Forge renewed levels of focus, enthusiasm, and productivity.
  • Sculpt yourself into someone who uplifts and inspires everyone they meet.
Yoga's Science of Harmonious Living which will put you in the driver's seat of life able to...
  • Heal, nourish, and deepen your most important relationships and be a better partner, parent, co-worker, human.
  • Tap into life's effortless flow and find yourself feeling supported and energized in every corner of your life.
  • Uncover your unique purpose and unleash a life of ever greater meaning and fulfillment.

Yoga's Science of Spiritual Awakening will leave you able to...
  • Forge a positive and accepting relationship with your self and those around you.
  • Connect with the part of you that is ever joyous and in harmony with all things.
  • Cultivate and deepen your own experiential personal connection with the divine.
    (no matter what your root spiritual tradition is).
And much more...

So if you're ready to tap the full potential that yoga can offer you in every area of your life, it would be our honor to help.


Join us for Yoga Pura's Yoga Teacher Training & Life Mastery Program, and work directly with yoga luminary Eric Walrabenstein, an ordained Yogacharya, who has helped thousands of people use yoga to transcend the hidden limitations that hold us back from life of joy, clarity, and meaning we are meant to live.

Dinavia smile.jpg

I've been practicing yoga for 20 years, little did I know I was only scratching the surface.

Jonathan R.

This program will change your life. Don't wait a single second more. Just do it!

Michelle P.

I've been opened up to  joy and wonder in my life like would have never imagined.

Suzanne M.


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