What yoga is is a personal decision to be made by each of us

(and other hogwash that’s liable to get you nowhere)


It was recently suggested to me—by a yoga teacher no less—that what yoga is to you, is a very personal decision. Each and every one of us, he said, needs to deci...


Here's the Good News:


I’m a problem solver, and chances are, you are too. How do I know? Well, it’s because good old Mother Nature has taken care of it by having the foresight to hardwire it into our nervous systems.


You see, long ago it became clear that the ability to ide...


I spent the last week visiting New York, bouncing around the perpetual hustle of the island known as Manhattan. It was here that I decided to conduct a little experiment.


As anyone who has been there knows, the inhabitants of this place are typically a harried bunch, and fo...



“What if…”


That’s the phrase that’s been weighing on my mind this past week.


In recent days, two horrific acts of violence were beamed into our homes courtesy of the national media machine: first, the on-air murder of television reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Wa...

Energy is everywhere.


In fact, our whole world is made up of the stuff. Taking a dazzlingly wide variety of expressions—from the most energetic, like that pink bunny hawking his batteries on TV, to the least energetic, like say, the Rock of Gibraltar—each form has its own un...


We human beings are creatures of habits. Literally. And frankly, this is more than a quaint aphorism, it’s a statement of neurobiological fact.


The more often you repeat a thought or behavior, the more likely it is to be repeated. Neurobiologists refer to this process as sy...

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