Dear Yogi E,


I’m shopping for a yoga teacher training program and have read much about your program and others. Can you give me a sense of why your program is better than others?Your candid thoughts would be a great help in my decision-making process.


Thanks in advance,



Dear Yogi E,

I just got certified as a yoga teacher at a prominent studio here in New York.

Throughout my training I was told that yoga is about the mind and not the body; that it’s not about mastering yoga postures; that yoga’s primary scripture states yoga’s goal as “stillin...


Here's the Good News:


I’m a problem solver, and chances are, you are too. How do I know? Well, it’s because good old Mother Nature has taken care of it by having the foresight to hardwire it into our nervous systems.


You see, long ago it became clear that the ability to ide...

Dear Yogi E,


I hear yoga teachers saying that yoga is not about perfecting the pose, but in the very next breath they correct my alignment in the posture. Which is it: perfecting the posture or not?


Confused in Trikonasana




Dear Confused,


As you’re beginning to notice, yoga...


Dear Yogi E,


I recently read an article that defined yoga as “the stilling of the fluctuations of mind.” But in all the popular magazines and videos, yoga is defined as “the union of body, mind, and spirit.” Which is it, am I trying to shut myself up or put myself back toge...

Dear Yogi E,


Sometimes I want to move on to more advanced variations of the poses in class, but my yoga teacher won’t let me. I’ve been practicing for years, so I’m not going to hurt myself, but my teacher’s neurotic fear for my safety is putting the kibosh on my self expres...

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