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With a wide assortment of available styles, yoga can take many forms. Ranging from gentle to strenuous, and from slow and mindful to intense and flowing, each of our yoga classes serving the Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona area are designed to stretch your body and mind. More than just building strength, flexibility, and stamina, your yoga practice will infuse your life with a new level of peace, tranquility, and happiness. We encourage you to develop a strong foundation and balance your practice with different styles. Have fun and live happy.


Intro Series – An eight-class introductory yoga series for those new to yoga, or wanting a refresher course. An excellent way to start your practice, this progressive "A-to-Z" course introduces basic yogic postures and philosophy, and explores how to integrate your yoga practice into every aspect of your life. Classes meet twice a week for 4 weeks and are best attended as a complete series.

Essential Basics – A beginning yoga class that is suitable for new students, or students wanting a simpler class. Classes focus on the fundamentals, including posture, alignment, breath, and foundational yogic concepts. Perfect for first-time or continuing students.


Yoga Nidra - Literally translated as "yogic sleep," this guided meditation is performed while reclined and with eyes closed. A deeply restorative practice, yoga nidra releases stored tensions, renews vital energy, and increases well-being of both body and mind.

Restorative – A slower-paced, gentle class. For students with reduced mobility, recovering from injury, or simply wanting a more gentle practice. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Yin Yoga - A profoundly rejuvenating practice working to safely stretch deeper muscles and connective tissues using slow, gentle stretches. Focusing largely on the hips, pelvis, and lower spine, yin postures are held anywhere from three to ten minutes and make an excellent complement to other forms of yoga.


Classic Level 1-2 – For beginners and newer students. These yoga classes near Scottsdale continue working with postures, physical alignment, breath, and continuing yogic theory. A great follow-up to the Intro Series.

All Levels – This mixed-level class is composed of challenging but accessible postures, all of which include modifications and variations to suit every level of practitioner. An invigorating class for all.

Vinyasa – This challenging practice combines the movement of body and breath to build heat, develop strength, flexibility, and stamina. This form of yoga is a perfect choice for those seeking a moderately vigorous to vigorous practice. In this class, the studio is heated to 85 degrees. **Note: Vinyasa is offered as a full 85 minute class or a 60 minute class. Check the schedule for details.

Recovery Yoga – This class in intended to help release destructive mental and behavioral patterns, restore vitality and balance to the mind/body, and renew a sense of spiritual connection. We will explore ancient practices especially helpful in recognizing and releasing destructive tendencies. We will purify, balance, and strengthen our bodies and minds through movement and breathing techniques. And finally, we will open up to our own innate healing potential as we relax in restorative postures and guided meditation. There will be time for sharing experiences and insight at the beginning and end of each class. No prior yoga experience necessary. ($10 drop-in / FREE for members)

Kid’s Yoga – A fun, interactive, and inclusive class for children ages 6-to-10. Classes combine yoga with breathing and games to improve motor skills, strength, coordination, and self-esteem.

Still not sure where to start? Ask us. We can help you find the perfect class for your needs.